What are glamour model escorts?


Greetings, friends! If you’ve browsed through our other articles before opening this link, you may already be familiar with our initiative to explain the various categories of high class escorts. If not, here’s the short version: there are many types of high class escorts out there and there are quite a few differences among them and the services they provide. Throughout this series of posts and articles, we’re going to try to explain everything that’s unique about every single category of high class escort. Today, we’re going to be covering glamour model escorts, one of my favourite categories ever.

Explaining glamour model escorts


To put it bluntly, glamour model escorts are active or former glamour models who are also offering escorting services. The definition really couldn’t be simpler. However, to help you understand this category better, let me give you the rundown on glamour modelling.

Glamour modelling, through its very nature, is extremely erotic. It involves both male and female models posing sexily, highlighting the model’s best features and the various things they’re trying to advertise (if the pictures are trying to advertise anything at all – this type of modelling is rarely used for ads).


Why book one


Given the type of modelling that they’re doing, it’s pretty safe to assume that these escorts are extremely beautiful. Just think about some of the most beautiful models in the world right now. Many of the glamour model escorts currently available in London are actually on par with them! Additionally, given their modelling background, you’ll probably find plenty of pictures that show you exactly how the girl looks like. This is very important for all those who aren’t looking for any unwanted surprises connected to their escort’s looks. And that’s basically all of us, really.

Finally, since most glamour model escorts have already done nude photography, they may be easier to persuade to take a few snapshots with you as well. Many of us love immortalising the magic moments we spend in the company of high class escorts, but few of us actually manage to do it. I think booking glamour model escorts gives you an additional chance!

And there you have it. Now you know everything you need to about this incredibly popular category of high class escorts. If you have anything to add, I’m eagerly awaiting your feedback.

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